Advanced Solar is a full service Commercial Solar EPC

We do our own engineering, procurement, and construction for large commercial solar power systems for schools, churches, and government buildings.

We use local and federal incentives to deliver immense financial benefits at little or no cost. Many of our commercial customers get tens of thousands of dollars in financial gains without paying a cent.

Three ways to benefit from solar

Commercial property owners can choose roof leases, system purchases, or power purchasing agreements.

 No matter how you choose to benefit, we can help you get the most out of government programs so you can eliminate energy costs and improve your bottom line.


Roof Lease

The simplest way to benefit from DC’s* incredible solar incentives is to lease your roof to a solar power investors. We will install a system and pay you for the use of the space for 20 years.

*DC incentives also applies to specific areas of nearby Maryland

System Purchase

DC’s solar incentives are so valuable, most of our system purchase customers can pay off their systems in under five years using energy savings, the federal renewable energy tax credit, and DC’s valuable Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

Zero-cost savings with Commercial Power Purchasing Agreements

Power purchasing agreements are a way for building owners to benefit from solar at zero cost.

In a power purchasing agreement, a building owner allows an investor to install a solar power system on their property to earn Solar Renewable Energy Credits and tax credits.

In exchange, the investor delivers the power generated by the system to the building owner or the designated beneficiaries. The building owner can sell the power to tenants or create a community renewable energy facility and sell the power to neighbors.

Two kinds of Power Purchasing Agreements

Zero-cent power purchasing agreements

If a property is solar-ready and PEPCO does not require payment for infrastructure upgrades. Commercial building owners can pay nothing for system purchase and installation and get power for free.

Discount power purchasing agreements

If a property needs upgrades to be solar ready, like roof repair or replacement or electrical system improvements, our investors will pay these costs up to defined limits. Many property owners get free roof and electric upgrades paid for entirely by our investors.

In cases where our investors pay for upgrade costs, rather than deliver power for free, they deliver power for half the price that PEPCO charges or less.

In these cases, the investor enters into a “monetized” PPA agreement to deliver power for the next 20 years at a fixed price, for instance, 7 cents per kw, less than half the current PEPCO price of 16 cents per kw.

Recent Commercial Solar Projects

See full page version of commercial solar case studies for more details

Church in NE DC

121 kw system

0 Cent Power Purchasing Agreement

20 year savings: $518,000

Cost to customer: $0

Affordable Housing in NE DC

62 kw system

Loan financed Deal

Cash Flow positive from day one

Over $650,000 lifetime profit

Affordable Housing in SE DC

75 kw system

Advanced Secured an SFA Grant of $93,000

Paid directly to property owner

Plus five years free energy worth $100,000

Church in NE DC

21 kw system

0 Cent Power Purchasing Agreement

20 year savings: $87,000

Cost to customer: $0

See more commercial solar case studies and details

Key Commercial Team Members

Nicholas Hayes


Nick has developed over 24 Megawatts of solar projects since entering the solar industry in 2015.  Since 2020 Nick has led Advanced to complete more than 1300 solar installations. Nick has worked to provide free solar power to over 900 homes and is continuously working to propel Advanced to be the leader in free solar programs for DC residents and businesses.

Alex Gregory

Director of EPC & Commercial Projects

With over a decade of solar experience, Alex Gregory is a distinguished Commercial PV Project Management professional, serving as Advanced Solar’s Director of EPC. Focusing on C&I, Ground Mount, and Canopy solar construction, Alex has been the lead Project Manager for projects ranging from 2kW to 200MW. A NABCEP-certified energy practitioner, he has a keen eye for detail, safety and ensures precise construction and on-time delivery. As a strategic financial manager, Alex adeptly maintains EPC budgets and collaborates closely with finance teams to optimize resource allocation.

Brendan Welsh

Director of Operations

“Managing 100 installations or more a month is challenging, but I love my work and it feels good to know that it really matters.”

Brendan graduated from Appalachian State University in 2014 with a degree in Sustainable Technology.  Brendan received NABCEP certification in 2017. As Director of Operations for Advanced Solar, Brendan manages installation and warehouse staff, facilitates design, permitting, utility approval, SREC registration, and the construction of residential and commercial solar projects.

Shane McKelvy

Master Electrician

“I enjoy finding solar solutions and it’s gratifying to know that what we do is making an impact in our community and providing career opportunities to aspiring young electricians.”

Shane has installed more than 20 Megawatts and has over a decade of experience in the solar industry. He has deep technical knowledge of all aspects of solar energy systems, having led a wide range of projects from rooftops & carports to some of the largest utility installations in the nation’s capital. Shane is dedicated to ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and quality.

Scott Johnson

General Manager, Master Electrician

Scott has been in the construction industry since  1999, and has been a licensed master electrician since 2006.  Scott is a licensed master electrician in DC, MD and VA.  Scott also holds NABCEP PV installation professional certification.

Jerry Eller

Head of Design

Master Electrician

Jerry started in the electrical trade in 2012 as an apprentice. He graduated from the apprenticeship in 2017 with a 98.3% GPA and perfect attendance throughout the coursework. His residential, commercial, and telecom experience provides a strong basis for understanding the complexities of residential and commercial solar. Jerry’s main experience is with critical systems/backup power; inverters, DC plants, UPS systems, generators, alarm system setup and programming.

Tyler Baldwin

Director of Construction

Journeyman Electrician

Tyler is a licensed journeyman electrician with 10+ years of residential and commercial solar experience. Tyler has constructed and/or managed the construction of 900+ solar installs. Tyler helps review plan sets and manage Advanced Solar’s construction teams. 

Brian Tolodziecki

Installation Manager

Journeyman Electrician

Brian has a decade of experience in solar installation. He is a licensed journeyman electrician and an Enphase-certified PV installer. He applies his extensive electrical and PV installation knowledge to supervise and educate in the field to ensure proper safety and installation procedures. Brian works closely with his team to create a safe and friendly work environment for all installers and provide a smooth and seamless installation experience for our customers.

Lewis Martin

Senior Project Coordinator

US Army veteran Lewis Martin has over 10 years of experience in commercial construction and solar photovoltaic power systems. He has also worked in corporate sales and marketing for 25 years. 


Tony Shore

Senior Project Coordinator

Tony has 20 years of experience in the photovoltaic solar and electric vehicle industry. He knows solar from the ground up, having started in installation and moved on to operations, sales, design, and manufacturing. Tony serves his customers with a wealth of knowledge about installation, system sizing, energy storage, grants, and rebates.


Andrew Lee

Construction Processor

Journeyman Electrician

“I’ve been in the electrical trade for many years and I love how it has given me the chance to grown personally and professionally. I continue to learn and broaden my horizons with this ever-expanding company. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers.”

Andrew likes to help others rise up. As Associate Director of Education for IEC Chesapeake, he ran the apprenticeship program for DC, MD, VA, and southern PA.

Joren Bender

Commercial Project Manager

Journeyman Electrician

Joren applies his skills as a Journey Electrician to ensuring all Advanced Solar customer’s systems are producing optimally. He also works to ad new features to Advanced Solar’s customized project management and customer success software to continously improve customer experience.

A-Allah Jowers

Solar Technician

Journeyman Electrician

Journeyman A-Allah Jowers applies his skills and knowledge as a journeyman electrician to make ensure every connection is safe and ready to deliver optimal power from the first day the system is turned on and for the next 20 years.

Steve Neff

Installation Technician

Journeyman Electrician

Journeyman Steve Neff applies his skills and knowledge as a journeyman electrician to make ensure every connection is safe and ready to deliver optimal power from the first day the system is turned on and for the next 20 years.

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