How do zero-cost free solar power deals work?

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Local incentives are the best in the world

Because DC and parts of nearby Maryland have the best solar incentives in the world, we can cover all purchase, installation, and maintenance costs using incentives.

We don’t have to charge our customers for solar power systems because over time, the incentives will cover the cost.

Most customers pay nothing for systems

Our solar power purchasing customers don’t have to pay anything for purchase, installation, and maintenance.

Many customers get free power and no system cost

Homeowners can sign an agreement to allow us to install the system and they get free power from the system.

This generates annual incentives that we use to pay for the system. The homeowner pays nothing.

Many of our customers get free power with no up front costs and no rental or maintenance fees.

Just really truly free power with no cost ever made possible by great local incentives!

Who qualifies for free power with zero up front cost?

As long as your roof and electric system are in good shape and you don’t need tree trimming, you can probably qualify for free power and no system or maintenance cost!

What if I don't qualify because of roof repair needs?

Don’t worry! If you need roof repairs, electric system upgrades, or tree trimming, we may be able to cover all or most of those costs. But instead of getting power for free, you will get power for at least 50% less than PEPCO charges, maybe even 80% less!

Some DC homeowners can get a free roof and free power from DC’s Solar For All Program.


How do free roof repair deals work?

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Local incentives help us pay repair costs

Solar incentives in DC and nearby MD are the best in the world, which allows us to purchase, install, and maintain systems at no cost our customers. This is a good starting point if we also need to pay for a roof.

We can pay for a free roof if you pay for half price power

If there are no expenses, we can give homeowners power for free. But when there are expenses like roof repair costs, we can’t afford to do free roof repair and give away free power.

But we can cover the roof costs if the homeowner agrees to purchase power from the system at rates that are 50% to 80% less than PEPCO rates.

So this way you get a free roof and half price power or maybe even an 80% discount on power. 

Get a free roof replacement and cut your utility bill in half

Every roof is different*, but many of our customers get a free roof replacement and replace most or all of their PEPCO electric consumption with solar power. And PEPCO power costs 14 cents a kw while your solar power will be priced at 7 cents a kw or lower. That means you get a free roof and cut your power bill in half, with absolutely no cost to you ever.

( *Some roof expenses exceed coverage limits. )

Qualify for Solar For All to get a free roof & free power

Advanced Solar is proud to be an official installer for DC’s Solar For All Program. This program provides free solar power systems and upgrades like roof and electrical system repair. Qualification is based on income. Find out today if you qualify for free solar with Solar For All

Find out how much you can save with zero cost solar or free roof repair and half price power.

We will design a system, model your solar savings and show you the best options.

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