Many DC & MD homeowners qualify for our free solar power offer.

We purchase, install, and maintain the system at no cost to you by claiming incentives and tax credits.

If your roof is in good condition:

We give you 100% of the power that the system generates and you pay nothing.

If your roof needs some work:

We do your roof work for free and you get power for at least 50% less than PEPCO, in some cases, 80% less.


¬†“When I get my electric bill, and it says amount due: zero …”

Advanced Solar customer 

Sharde Bushrod got a free system installed

– never paid a penny for solar, never will –¬†

And Sharde often has zero Pepco bill too!

Find out if your home or business qualifies for free solar.

We will design a system, model your savings, and explain your best options.

Our customers often save over $30,000 with free solar!

Schedule your free online solar consultation now.