The REAP Grant Process 

A brief guide and some critical advice


To determine if you will receive a Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant before installing your system, it’s essential to follow the application and approval process outlined by the USDA:

Application Submission:

Submit a complete application for the REAP grant to the USDA. This includes detailed project information, financial statements, and technical documentation.


The USDA reviews the application for eligibility and completeness. This may involve an evaluation of the project’s technical feasibility, financial viability, and environmental impact.

Notification of Approval:

If your application meets the requirements and is approved, the USDA will notify you before you proceed with the installation of your system. This notification will include details of the grant amount and any specific conditions.

Grant Agreement:

After approval, you will need to enter into a grant agreement with the USDA, which outlines the terms and conditions of the grant.

Do Not Install Until You Have Signed The Grant Agreement 

It is critical that you do not to start the installation of your project until you have received formal notification of approval and have signed the grant agreement. Installing the system before receiving grant approval may disqualify you from receiving the grant. Always consult with the USDA or a relevant advisor to ensure compliance with all application requirements and timelines.

Advanced Solar has experienced USDA grant specialists available to help you navigate the process for the best chance of approval. 


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