DC Solar For All Program

Advanced Solar is proud to announce it's acceptance to participate in the District of Columbia's Department of Energy and Environment's Solar For All Program! This program is an important initiative to increase access to solar energy and reduce energy costs for low-income residents in the District of Columbia.

Here are some key facts about the program:

1. Solar For All was launched in 2016 by the DC government to provide solar energy to 100,000 low-income households in the District by 2032.

2. Solar For All provides free solar panel installation and energy efficiency upgrades to income-qualified homeowners, renters, and multifamily buildings.

3. Solar For All and Advanced Solar also support local job creation and training programs for solar installation and maintenance.

By participating in the Solar For All program, Advanced Solar will continue it's mission to expand access to clean energy for low-income residents but also contributing to the District's efforts to combat climate change.

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MHIC # 108569
MD Master Electrican #11880
DC GC # 410521000273
DC EC # ECC2002460
DC Master Electrician # EM202330
NABCEP# 092411-80


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