These real world examples from actual customers show how much you can save with solar power.

Some homeowners who get a rooftop solar system need property upgrades to safely install. We can often provide a free roof and half price power.

Learn how free roof / half price power offers work.

Many of our customers get free power from rooftop solar and never pay a dime for anything!

Learn how we combine federal and local incentives to provide literally free power at no cost ever to qualifying homeowners.


This customer agreed to let us install a solar power sytem on his roof for free. This will save him over $60,000 over 20 years.

We give him all the electricity. We will cover all the cost of the system and maintenance with tax credits and incentives that we collect over time. He will save and earn over $60,000 over 20 years and never pay a dime for solar.


The system on his roof is generating more power than he uses. You can see in just one month it generated an extra 1,779 kw. And he has 6,370 kw stored up as credits. That is six months average home use! 

His highest power bill since solar has only been a few dollars. 

The blue bars show how much power he had to buy from PEPCO before solar. The green bars show how much he had to buy after solar.

At the end of the year, PEPCO will pay him for all the power the rooftop system generated that he did not use. This payment will be almost $1,000.

And he is saving about $1,400 on his power bill, so he gaining almost $2,400 a year. And will only get better – PEPCO prices keep going up, but free power from Advanced Solar is always free!

Estimated savings over 20 years: $63,478




Not everyone saves this much, but almost every homeowner in DC and qualifying areas of Maryland can save a lot with solar. 

Find out how much you can save with solar.

Thanks to local incentives, some customers pay nothing for their solar power system and get a zero power bill or even spin the meter backwards and get paid by PEPCO!

Want to find out what Solar can do for you? We will simulate your solar savings using a model like the one in the video below and explain how we can cover all your costs. 

Why do customers love Advanced Solar?

One of the best contractors I have ever dealt with - Keith

One of the best contractors that I have ever dealt with. Answered all my questions patiently. Was very accommodating to my schedule. A top notch professional that I would recommend to anyone.

-Keith Krasnansky

On track to cover 100% of electric - Christopher

Solar panels are live and kicked out 36kWh on a winter day yesterday. I am guessing production will be even higher in the summer. On track to cover 100% of electric. Looking forward to nearly nonexistent electric bills and a green-conscious in the near future! Thanks Advanced Solar and MD SUN!

-Christopher Beasly

Selected them because of their reputation - William

These guys are great! Very professional and responsive. I selected them over 4 others because of their reputation, and they did not disappoint!

-William Krabill

The savings in electrical costs are substantial - Janet

We were very pleased with the advice we got from Advanced Solar and its efficiency and professionalism in the installation. The panels have worked perfectly and the savings in electrical costs are substantial.

-Janet Dinsmore

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  • My name is Minnie Allen, I had a wonderful experience with Advanced Solar. They had prompt and professional service and great communication.

    Sharonda Allen Avatar Sharonda Allen
    November 14, 2023
  • When it was time to install my solar panels the gentleman was very professional with the installation. I’m assuming that it’s a great investment because looking at my bill it unbelievable of how much I pay now.

    Cheryl Sanker Avatar Cheryl Sanker
    December 14, 2023
  • Wonderful experience with advanced solar! can see a huge savings on my electric bill! I will be sending my friends and famil their way!

    December 14, 2023
  • Advanced Solar!! Wow. This company is truly a no frills company. They are exceptional in installation. Promptness , customer friendly and professionally qualified. Licensed, certified and capable of handling the job. Questions are answered with no less than you would expect. Clean and organized. They follow through , and follow up. My home looks so nice! With my new Solar panel installation . the Savings will only add up. Get ready, you will not believe it when you get the following bill. And guess what Guys, equity in your home.!! I'm excited to go in a different direction for energy and being apart of making a difference to our planet. ,installation took only one day they manage their time very well. Thanks " Advance Solar.!!!!!

    Karen Parker Avatar Karen Parker
    February 7, 2024
  • Great service

    Joel Addison Avatar Joel Addison
    December 14, 2023
  • The customer service was phenomenal. Leah at the office was awesome with communicating with me and let me know what to expect in the upcoming days before my solar is activated. Everyone was very professional. I was very hesitant about the solar panels at first. But I feel, and they made me feel comfortable and explain to me how it works. So I think this is a great investment. #Team Advanced Solar.

    Benita Johnson Avatar Benita Johnson
    January 14, 2024
  • Had a great experience with advanced solar, would recommend them to everyone.

    Tyrone Jackson Avatar Tyrone Jackson
    January 14, 2024
  • Recently installed solar panels on my home. The whole process took about two months. Everyone was great. Answered all my questions and eased my concerns. I would highly recommend them.

    Frances Anderson Avatar Frances Anderson
    January 14, 2024
  • Advance Solar staff was Professional, efficient , and reliable, highly recommended

    Toni Boyd Avatar Toni Boyd
    January 14, 2024
  • Advanced Solar was timely and professional in setting my solar

    Jeremy Del Moral Avatar Jeremy Del Moral
    January 14, 2024

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